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Roller Table Geared Motors

Roller Table Geared Motors
码 产品 : P-7115-BGM-A4-EN
類別 : Mô tơ Giảm Tốc / Gear Motor
制造商 : Bauer Gear Motor Gmbh
存货 : 订货 
供应商 : Gnn Vietnam
Typical for the steel industry is that all equipment is set un­der extremely arduous ambient conditions.
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Solutions for the Metal Processing Industry 

Bauer Gear Motor supplies modern drive solutions for all in­dustry sectors in which material must be moved. The customer benefit lies in the robustness and durability of our products. The simple and cost effective installation, the minor service necessity and the high efficiency reduce the costs through­out the whole life of the drive. Bauer Gear Motor is available with highly qualified advisors, technicians and fitters for you all around the world. They speak your language – in every sense of the word.

Typical for the steel industry is that all equipment is set un­der extremely arduous ambient conditions. These include heat, cooling water jets, tinder, dust and heavy charging generating high shock loads on the gearboxes. Bauer Gear Motor is known for its heavy duty geared motors which are especially designed to master all these extreme conditions. For this purpose Bauer Gear Motor has developed a special series for the steel indus­try, the so called „Roller Table“ geared motors. Typical applica­tions for the geared motors are transporting steel and non-ferrous metals in various forms in and out of furnaces, towards various working stations were the steel is formed into plates, tubes and wires up to the finishing line and then to despatch.


Main features

•  Special roller table design

•  Re-inforced fan

•  Heavy duty fan cover

•  Gearbox and motor housings in greycast iron (ductile iron on request)

•  Motor windings developed for mains and frequency inverter duty providing brake out torques up to 4 times nominal torque

•  Direct-On-Line with high number of starts and stops

•  Stalling and blocking times of up to 5 min

•  Gearbox housings and gearwheels designed for heavy duty shock load

•  Thermistors protect motor windings

•  Insulation classes F and H

•  Seals designed for high temperatures

•  High resistant paint coating

•  Enclosure IP 65 as standard (IP 66 on request)



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