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Noitech - Filters for compressors

Noitech - Filters for compressors

  --  4/9/2009
With more than 5.000 different products always in stock, Noitech is able to offer one of the most complete product range and maintenance kits in the world for vacuum pumps, compressors and in line filters. Noitech is official distributor for Italy of Precision Plus company, the world's largest supplier of aftermarket vacuum pump components and accessories.

Air-Oil Separators
Noitech offers separators for screw and rotary vane compressors having products for vertical, horizontal and spin-on types. Our product range offers separator standard, deep filtration system, pleated and spin-on types. Noitech air/oil separators are suitable for all brands of compressors currently in the market place.


Air filters
Noitech offers a wide range of air filters able to satisfy the compressed air industry. Noitech can offer both standard and customised air filters for special application

Oil filters
Noitech oil filters range from standard products to heavy-duty types, which can work up to pressures of 30 bars.

In-line filters and accessories
The in-line filters and accessories allow Noitech to offer a complete product range needed to maintain a compressor. The high quality of those products is interchangeable with original spare parts.



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