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Connectwell Industry

Connectwell Industry

  --  11/2/2009
Established in 1978, Connectwell is one of the leading manufacturers of Terminal Blocks.

Established in 1978,  Connectwell    is  one  of  the  leading  manufacturers  of

Terminal Blocks.


Connectwell over the years has undergone  constant evolution  of  infrastructure,

systems and personnel.  This evolution  is  exemplified by its  high quality products.


Connectwell’s  product  range  has increased  from  a  single feed through Terminal

Block to hundreds of variants of  Terminal Blocks with complex functionalities and a

wide range of Interface Modules.


Reputed  approvals and  certifications like   UL, CSA,  VDE,  SEMKO,  TUV  and  CE

verify the levels of quality that can be expected from Connectwell Products.


Twenty Seven Years  of  incessant  dedication  and  commitment have made         

Connectwell  a synonym for …The Right Connection.    

Product's Category :

Terminal Blocks
Polyamide Series    Screw Clamp     Single Level
Multiple Connection
Double Level
Triple Level
Triple Level with Ground
Distribution Blocks
Compact Distribution Blocks
High Voltage Terminal Blocks
Spring Loaded Terminal Blocks
Modular Panel Mount
Single Level Fuse
Double Level Fuse
Disconnect & Test
Neutral/Earth Clamp
Corrosive/Explosive Env.
   Spring Clamp
    1-in 1-Out
Multiple Connection
Panel Mount
Angular feed through
Anguler Earthing
Double Level
Anguler Fuse
Disconnect & Test Terminal Blocks
Diode / Resistor Terminal Blocks
Surge Supression
   Tab/Clip    Stud Type    Hinge Type Stud    Power Terminal Blocks
High Temperature      Screw Clamp
Stud Type
Safety Connection
Bus Bar Type
Disconnect & Test
Multiway Strip
Highly Corrosive Env.
Solder Connection
Wire Wrap
Very High Temperature
PCB Terminal Blocks

Interface Modules
Electro-Mech Relay Modules
Relay Modules with Fuse
SSR Modules
Slim Relay Modules
Modular Relays
IDC FRC Modules
DSUB Modules
Diode & Lamp Test Modules

Varistor Modules
Fuse Modules
RJ45 Modules
Component Carrier Modules

Application Specific Modules

Mounting Bracket
End Clamp/Stop
Mounting Rails
End Plate
Partition Plate
Separator Plate
Cross Connection Acc
Marker Plotter
Plotter Accessories
Protective Covers
Side Holding Plates
Group Marker Holder
Interface Modules Acc

Connectwell Tools
Sockets & Switches
New Products



Product's typical



Replaceable fuses with simple to operate Horizontal fuse holders.
Fast Blow & Slow Blow fuses available as standard.
Fuse ratings from 0.1 A to 6.3 A available.
Variety of Operating Voltages.
Switching Current upto 10 A at 230 VAC (or 30 VDC)
Low Coil Drive Current (4.7 mA to 100 mA)
Easy to replace pluggable relays.
Possibility of bussing (jumpering) relays in common negative or common positive configurations.
LED Indication to denote relay actuation.
Relay Coil Protection by means of a Freewheeling Diode.
Mounting options available: DIN Rail mounting & Panel mounting.
Possibility of fuse blow indication by means of a LED.
Contact Type: 1CO (SPDT) / 2CO (DPDT)


Connecwell VietNam




Headquarter Office: 153 Nguyen Van Thu, Đakao Ward, Dist.1, HCMC.

Transaction Office: 33 Hoa Hong, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC.

Tel : (084.8) 3 517 4923 I Fax: (084.8) 3 517 4924


Website:  l




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