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GNNVietnam [GNN Co., Ltd.] is a leading importer and exporter as an IndustrialSupplier.

We are committed to provide innovative solutions for the needs of variable automation, electrical & electronic equipment. Applying High- Technology, automatic management and production aim to maximizing the business effect! Sothat, Many Businesses face up to hesitation, judging in own choosing a bestsupplier whom could supply the origin components, spare-parts, and automation equipments with high quality and precision.

We surely promise supply the Origin Productswith the Manufacturer technical support.

Weekly air - freight shipping and monthly sea shipping from Japan and Europe enable usto provide faster & better delivery services.


                Your Progress & Successreally is our Honour & Proud of.


GNN Vietnam is one of the leader suppliers in electric parts as: ACB, MCCB, MCB, Contactor, Relay... and Automatic control parts as: Sensors, Encoders, measuring & control gauges... Soft start, inverters, PLCs, HMI, Controlled Motor, Servo Motor, Motor brake, Motor... of many famous automation Brands: Siemens, Schneider, Mitshubishi, Yaskawa, Omron, Yuken, NBK, Fuji Electric, Fuji Seiki, Fujikura,…


-Kubler (Germany) (professional in Encoder, Counters/Timers/Multifunction devices/ LCDcounters/ -temperate gauges …and many presets…)

-BaumerGroup (Switzerland) (professional in Sensors, Encoders, Process Instruments ...)

-KOYOelectronic (Japan) (professional in all – Sensors, counters, Timers, Encoders…)

-BALLUFF (Germany) (professional in Sensors)

-LEUZE (USA)(professional in Sensors)

-LION PRECISION (USA) (professional in Label Sensors)

-EMX (USA) (professional in Label Sensors, Brightness Sensors, OpacitySensors…)

-VitalSensors Technologies (USA) (CO2 Sensor, Brix Sensor, Ethanol/Alcohol Sensor, Organic Acid Sensor, Beverage Soft Drink Monitor for Beverage Process Industries…)

-BDC (Italy) (professional in Sensors for Ceramic and Cement industrials...)

-SD MicroDetectors (Italy) (professional in Ceramic Sensors...)

-DIELL (SD Micro Detect) (Italy) (professional in Ceramic Sensors...)

-SILGE (Italy) (professional in Ceramic Sensors...)

-SELET (Italy) (professional in all-Sensors, Counters, Timers, Encoders…)

- Bauer Gear Motor GmbH (Đức)

- Bauer Gear Motor GmbH (Đức)

- Trafag GesmbH (Austria)

- Pizzato Elettrica S.r.l

- Ascon Tecnologic Srl

- Elap s.r.l.

- Eltra S.p.a. Unipersonale

- Givi Misure S.r.l.

- Pertici

- Tsubaki

- Nikkiso

-MTS Sensors (USA) (professional in Linear Sensors, Ceramic Sensors)

-Opkon (Turkey) (professional in Linear Sensors, Manufacturing Machine Encoders,CNC…)

-Graff (ThermoCouple) (Italy) (professional in Ceramic, Plastic Temperature Gauges…)

-WENGLOR (Germany)(professional in all-Sensors)

-Takex (Japan) (professional in all-Sensors)

-SUNX (Panasonic) (Japan) (professional in all-Sensors)

-BOURDON–HAENNI (France) (professional in Process Instruments) (Baumer Group)

-KSR-KUEBLER (Germany) (professional in Relay, Process Instruments…)

-KOBOLT (Germany) (Process Instrument)

-GeorgFischer + GF (USA) (Flow, temperature, pressure, level, Valves, Solenoid Valves, ProcessInstrument)

-GEMU (USA)(Flow, temperature, pressure, level, Valves, Solenoid Valves, ProcessInstrument)

-MOOG (USA) (Process Instrument)

-KSR-KUEBLER (Germany) (Process Instrument)

-OrientalMotor (AC Motors, Brushless DC Motors, Stepping Motors, AC Servo Motors, Controller,fan and Motor Accessories…)

-NISSELGEAR MOTOR (Japan) (Gear Motors, Gear Boxes, Gear Motors, AC, DC Motors)

-WEDGEAR MOTOR (Germany) (Gear Motors, Gear Boxes, AC, DC high speed Motors)

-ITOHDenki MOTOR (Japan) (Drum Gear Motors, Gear Boxes, Gear Motors, AC, DC Motors)

-MGMBrake Motor (Italy) (Professional in Brake Motors)

-LEROYSOMER MOTOR (France) (Gear Motors, Gear Boxes, AC, DC Motors, Inverter, especially for Vessel, and-Heavy Industries…)

-EROelectronic (Italy) (Recorders, Monitors, Displays, Temperature Controllers … Professionalin ceramic industry…)

-Ohkura (Recorders, Monitors, Displays, Temperature Controllers…)

-Saginomiya (Van,Sensors used in Air-Condition, Freeze and Frozen)

-Yuken (Van Solenoid, Hydraulic Power Accessories)

-SMC (Van Solenoid, Air Compressor Accessories)

-BENTONE (Sweden)(Professional in Gas, DO and Accessories…)

-CONCH (Taiwan)(Power Regulator_SCR, Sensors, Counters, Displays, TemperatureControllers…)

-MITSUBISHI (Japan) (Automation such as Inverters, PLC, HMI, Servo Motors,Switches...)

-SIEMENS (Germany)(Automation such as Inverters, PLC, Logo, Module, HMI, Switches…)

-Weidmuller (Germany)(Connection Devices, Terminal…)

-WOLFLAMP (UK) (safety dedicated lamps in petroleum, mineral, coal industries)

-Bonfiglioli (Italy) (Gear Motors, Gear Boxes, Inverter)

-Vulcanic (France) (Infrared Generators, Temperature Sensors, Heating Elements, In-line and Immersion Heaters, Air Conditioning, Temperature Sensors and Measurement Converters) …).
- SIKA (Đức) (Industrial Thermometers Calibrators, Temperature, Flow, Level, Pressure sensors and indicators…).SIKA Dr. Siebert und Kühn GmbH & Co. KG
- GageMaker (Anh) (Measure Panme input and output …)
- Insert Deal srl (Anh)(Van Solenoid, Gas Valve, Compessors …) 
- Goyen (Tyco Environment System) (Úc)(Sensors, Diaphragm Valves Van specialist in cement, steel, water treatment industries …)
- MotoVario (Italy) (Gear Motors, Gear Boxes, Gear Motor, AC Motor)
- ARDETEM (France) (Electrical Measures, Intrinsic, Digital Panel Meters, Digital Programmable Converters, Programmable Setpoint Detectors…)
- SterilAir (Switzerland) (UVC, UV disinfection systems, disinfect air, surfaces, water order process fluids, chemical eradication of microorganisms for Food & Beverage Process Industries)
- NOITECH (Italy) (Vanes, Oil filters, Air filters, Silencers, Separators, In-line filters, Oil bath filters, Oil-wetted filters, Air intake housings, Complete filters for blowers, Gasket and maintenance kits, Carbon bags for water-oil separators…)

 - Pauly GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) (Sensor_ Transmitter-Receiver - Light Barriers, Reflex - Light Barriers, Reflex-Scanner, Reference Light Barriers, Special Light Barriers, Fibre Optic System, EX-Light Barriers, Self-checking Light Barriers and Control Units, Control Units with Optic Heads… special used for Crane Technology, Steel, Store and Transportation Technology, Paper Industry and Paper Machines, Safety Protection)

- LÖNNE MEZ (Germany) (Gear Motors, Gear Boxes, Electric Motors, Inverter, Servo Control, Motion Control special used for Crane Technology, Steel, Store and Transportation…)
- EMG Automation GmbH (Norway) (Thruster, Brake lifting devices, Brake lifting devices , Controllers, Electrohydraulic, Hydraulic compact actuator… special used for Crane Technology, Steel, Store and Transportation…)
- Trimod Besta(Switzerland / Germany) (Professional in Level Measurement, Level Switches, Pneumatic Controlers, Vertical switches, Optoelectronic Level Sensors (Senlux), Float Level Switches (GEMS), Float Switches (KARI), Level Indicators (WEKA))
- Fuji Electric Measurement (Japan) (Pressure Transmitters, Flowmeters, Gas Analyzers, Z Series Temperature Controllers, Recorders, Compact Controller M (CC-M))


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