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KAISAI Automation Co., Ltd

KAISAI Automation Co., Ltd

  --  4/26/2010
Country : Japan
As new products(materials)are created, so Level Sensor technology is enhanced. We are intent on developing our technology. Taking advantage of our technological studies with engineers in the same industry abroad or the technical alliance, we are developing our technology that can globally be recognized and are training world-class engineers. We are also expanding sales in setting up our agencies

We first recognized the importance of Level-Sensor technology more than 5 year ago. Now it's widely known to be vital to the development of industries, and we are also highly recognized and trusted as one of the world's prominent general manufacturers of level control equipment. Meeting social needs such as environmental protection, safety improvement and so on, we will redouble our efforts to contribute to the intertional community with our concept, "CONTROL & SAFETY".


 Level Switch  
    Rotary-paddle Type Level Switch  
A rorating paddle, being loaded by sediments in a tank, activates a limit switch
and brings contact output and motor roration to a halt at the same time.
  Swing Type Level Switch
There being no consumable part built in, it is nearly maintenance free. The
pressure-proof construction improves sealing performance to the extent of
reducing troubles.
  Vibration Type Level Switch
Its capability of contamination resistance has remarkably been upgraded in
such a way that, because vibrating forks are replaced with a straight rod,
the surface area is changed to smaller. This model is so unique that it may
detect the low-density powders/solids over the specific gravity of 0.03.
KVX-XV2 KVX/XV2 Series
Compact & Highly Sensitive Vibration Level Switch
Because the sensitivity is at the tip of the sensing plate, it may not be
affected by fouling or build-up at the plate-root.
  Capacitance Type Level Switch
BLX BLX Series
BLX detects an existence or no existence of object in a vessel like silos or
tanks, depending on a capacitance principle. The composition of the sensor
probe is quite simple and rigid, which is made by stainless steel and some insulators.
ALN ALN/ SL Series
It measures the capacitance variation arising in between a main electrode
and an earth electrode.
The Model ALN can detect the level of sediments in liquid and interface
between two different liquids as well as the level from high-insulating
powders/solids to conductive liquids/viscous liquids or the like..
KCD Series
Multi-point Capacitance Type Level Switch
As opposed to a level switch whose contact position is fixed, you can
arbitrarily change the alarm position only with the zero/span check if the
contact position is within the measuring range of the electrode.
  Float Type Level Switch
KF-207 KF-200 Series
Horizontal Float Switch
The float switch can detect the varied liquid levels in the form of altered
'ON, OFF' of micro switch in that a magnet at the other end of a float works
magnetically and mutually with another magnet in the terminal box
completely blocked off by a septal wall
KF-300 KF-300 Series
Vertical Float Switch
The float switch housing a magnet inside a float as well as a reed switch inside a stem, it is designed to have the reed switch turn on or off with the built-in magnet which is subject to the rise and fall of liquid level.
Stoppers fixed on the upper and lower parts limit the moving range of the
float, thus marking the reed switch hold the contact operation.

Small Type Float Switch
Ideal for a small tank!
Highly sophisticated model of compact float switch applicable
to multipurpose!

KF-805N KF-805N Series
Multi-point Ball Float Switch
A float gets tilt in a direction, and the contact of a micro-switch built in the
float is output.
It reliably detects levels of viscous liquids and wastewater containing suspended
solids including scum and so on.
  Microwave Type Level Switch
When a linear axis between the transmitter and the receiver is interfered
with an object to be measured, microwaves are reflected and absorbed, thus
making the receiver unable to receive them and outputting the contact signals that the tank is full.
  Laser Type Level Switch
This is a level switch utilizing laser as a light source, consisting of two
facing units.
An object as distant as 20m can be detected to the millimeter and yet with
pinpoint accuracy.
  Leak Type Level Switch
It can detect an object to be measured from resistance variation occurring
between an electrode and the
metal tank-wall.
It can be used for detection of all products including sand as building materials,gravel, crushed rocks and so on as long as they contain some moisture.
  Diaphragm Type Level Switch
KF-500 KF-500
As water level inside a tank rises, the pressure inside the detection pipe gets
higher. When the measuring face of diaphragm gets pressure, the diaphragm
pushes a micro switch to provide a contact output.
  Tilt Type Level Switch
TILT TC-3/TC-1/PL Series
Rising materials contact the tilt switch, which will make the body begin to
tilt. When the body is tilted at 17°or more, a metal ball housed in the switch
rolls to switch the contact.
  Electrode Type Level Switch
KF-650 KF-650/660N/677/688/KFB-640
Assembled with an amplifier(acquired in the market), it can detect the liquid
level from with/without the minute current in conductive liquids flowing
among electrodes.
Liquid control, being made of varied electrode materials, can be applied to a
variety of liquids.
 Level Meter
  Capacitance Type Level Indicator
It continuously measures the capacitance variation between the detection
unit and the tank-wall. You are offered a variety of sensors depending on the
use conditions.

(high temperature, high pressure, strong acid/ alkali, conductivity, insulation
property, and others)
  Sounding(Bob) Type Level Indicator
KSL-T2 KSL Series
When a start signal is input, the motor starts up and then the metering tapes
comes out,followed by the weight descending.
The motor stops when the weight touches on the measuring substance, and
a level measurement is output.
The motor reversely rotates to get the weight back to the roll-up-
complete position, and then stops.
Microprocessor-control Controller
Selecting a tank with One-touch Operation.
The descent distance of measuring tape/wire may be converted to the stock
volume in a tank.
The measuring findings can be shown by height(m), %, ton & m3.
  Float Type Level Indicator
KF-100 KF-100 Series
Reed Switches and Resistors being built in the stem, it can detect the varying
liquid-level in the form of resistance changes in that a magnet in the float which
is subject to being mobile depending on varied liquid-level shuts a reed switch.
The R/I-Converter can transmit this in the form of DC 4-20mA current signals.
  Magnetostrictive(Dolphin Sensor)Type Level Indicator
KF-900 KF-900 Series
Linear Displacement Sensor with magnetostrictive wire inserted. It may
detect at a magnetized spot supersonic vibration transmitted through the
magnetostrictive wire and output
analogue signals proportional to the position
of the magnetized object.
  Ultrasonic Level Indicator
An ultrasonic pulse is emitted from the sensor down towards an object and
is reflected back from the surface. Its travel time to/from the sensor, varied
by the object increased or decreased, can be measured by the unit which will
then convert this variation to the form of DC4-20mA signals to provide an

LU20 Series
Transmitter/Converter in one unit.
Measurable from the distance of 150mm.


LU83 Series
Measurement is least affected by any obstacles such as pipes and
instruments in a tank.
Two-Wire Ultrasonic Level Meter


Ultrasonic Sludge-blanket Level Meter
The automatic cleaning system succeed in reducing a great deal of
maintenance works.

  Laser Type Level Indicator
Non-Contact Type level indicator utilizing laser as a light source.
It is best suitable for non-contacting measurement at the places where it
has been extremely difficult or dangerous to measure with conventional
level meters.
  Radar Type Level Indicator
VF03 VF03
Micro-impulse System
As electromagnetic pulses are emitted from the sensor down towards the
probe, they travel to the surface at a high speed by way of wire. Some pulses
are reflected back to the sensor from the surface.
The unit calculates this
travel time.
VG07 VG7
FMCW(Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave)
Micro pulses are continuously sent via an antenna towards a product to be
measured from which they are reflected back, It calculate the round trip time from the frequency difference between micro pulses emitted and those
received at the antenna to figure out the level.

 Conveyor Peripherals
  Conveyor Peripherals / Emergency Pull-wire Switch
KP-850 KP-850/860/870/880
These switches, used for causing a belt-conveyor to stop, are the best for
the emergency stop.
  Conveyor Peripherals / Speed Detector
KPS-123 KPS Series
Reliably Catching Changes of Conveyor Speed!
You can arbitrarily set up the operating speed in the range of 3~1999 rpm.
Accordingly it can widely be applied.
 Flow Sensor
  Flow Switch / Transit Alarm
KP-820 KP-4/810/820/830, KPG-840
You may install the unit in such a way that the sensing plate may be located at a
conveyor chute outlet where products are being carried over/run through, and it will
detect the presence of passing products.
You can change the torque and the sensing angle depending on the nature of the
passing products. (except KP-4 and KPG-840)
  Microwave Type Flow Sensor
The microwaves emitted from the tip of its sensor are reflected from the
surface of powders/solids traveling in a pipeline, and the reflected waves will
get modulated in their frequency on the Doppler Effect principle.
The sensor, detecting the frequency difference between transmitted and
reflected microwaves, transforms/amplifies it to output contact signals.
  Particle Flow Switch
It can detect the density of minute particles through an electrode fixed on
duct or pipe. It is the sensor measuring the electric charge of minute
particles. When the density reaches the preset values, it outputs the contact externally.
 Dust Monitor
  Electrodynamic Dust Emissions Monitor
DA50 DT370/DX800/DT990/DA50
By applying the TriboACE measurement principle, it detects the charge
movement of particles traveling in a duct. The unit, measuring the charge movement signals, will convert to an a.c. response. Tribo-electric
current generated when particles collide directly with the probe will be
trimmed through a special circuit in order to ensure reliable outputs.
  Scintillation Type Dust Emissions Monitor
SC-602 SC602
The unit monitors the variation of a light beam across the stack and
calculates the amount of received light and the ratio of light variation
(scintillation). The added benefit is that it is capable of measuring in face of
lens contamination because, when the lens fouling decreases the amount
of received light, scintillation also decreases proportionately to the varied
light amount.
 Oxygen Analyzer
  Oxygen Analyzer
Zirconia Oxygen Analyzing System
The special sealing technique has ensured highly reliable measurement.
 Fluid Analyzer
  Fluid Analyzer
Online Fluid Analyzing Sensor
Available are sensors for Liquid Concentration/Turbidity Measurement, Mixture
Ratio Measurement, Content Quality Monitoring and Fat Content Measurement.
 Gas Analyzer
  Gas Analyzer
CEMS System
Gas Analyzer adopting the FTIR theory can measure many different gas
compounds. It can simultaneously measure up to 50 different mixed gases
from low(ppm) to high(%) concentration.
 Liquid Flow Sensor
  Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter
Clamp-on Non-invasive Sensing Solution
It measures a Transit Time ultrasonic flow. It can accurately measure with
clamp-on transducers without the need for any mechanical parts to be inserted into the pipe or to be protruded therein.
AVFM-Ⅱ AVFM-II  Submersible Type
After mounting a sensor on the bottom of a channel without a flume or weir,
you can measure the flow volume only by entering the pipe diameter or
channel width. It can measure the actual flow velocity and water-level in a
real time.
 Powder Flow Sensor
  Powder Flow Sensor
FM60 FM60
Electrodynamic Technology
Solids Flow Mounting System
Significant Resolution, Easy Operation!!



Headquarter Office: 153 Nguyen Van Thu, Đakao Ward, Dist.1, HCMC.

Transaction Office: 33 Hoa Hong, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC.

Tel : (084.8) 3 517 4923 I Fax: (084.8) 3 517 4924

Email: contact@gnnvietnam.com

Website:  www.gnnvietnam.com  l   www.gnn.com.sg






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