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TAKUWA VIETNAM | Optical Quartz Pressure Type (LSQO Series)

TAKUWA VIETNAM | Optical Quartz Pressure Type (LSQO Series)
Mã Sản phẩm : LSQO Series
Chuyên mục : Thiết bị đo lường mực nước
Nhà sản xuất : Takuwa
Hàng sẵn kho : Đặt hàng 
Nhà cung cấp : Gnn Vietnam
Tóm tắt:
LSQO Series is, a kind of "Quartz pressure type", for enhancing the lightning protection
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LSQO Series is, a kind of "Quartz pressure type", for enhancing the lightning protection. It using only optical fiber for cable of data transmission and electrical power supply by mounting the "very small optical-electric convertor" inside of the sensor.

Recently in Japan, this type has been used for dam control and flood forecasting and warning systems.


  • ・High Accurate Water Level Measurement by Using Quartz Sensor
      (Selectable from ±0.05%/±0.02%/±0.01%F.S.)
  • ・High Durability by Using an Optical Fiber Cable for Data Transmission and Power Supply 
  • ・Electrical Power for the Sensor Operation is Generated by "Very Small Optical/Electrical
      Converter"(Like a Very Small Solar Panel) which is Mounted inside of the Quartz Sensor
  • ・Wide Measurement Range(selectable from 10/20/30/50/70m)
  • ・Suitable for Mountainous Stations Where are Frequently Damaged by Lightning Surge
  • ・Long Transmission Distance(sensor to coder is up to 1.5km)

Available sites

  • ・Important water level station or dam gate where thunder occurs frequently

Main Specifications


Equipment Configuration
-Sensor (including optical-electric convertor)
-Coder (including optical source)
Measurement Range
Temperature Coefficient at 0 point
0.0007% F.S./℃
Temperature Sensitivity Coefficient
Sensor: 558xφ60mm
Coder: 480W x 99H x 300D mm 
Sensor: approx. 4kg
Coder: approx.8.0kg
Functions of Coder
Functions: Averaging, Elevation Offset
Signal Output(nomal): RS-232C or RS-422
Signal Output(option): BCD, Analog,Contact
Data Record(option): SD card, Printer
Lĩnh vực ứng dụng :
  • Ngành Gas, dầu khí
  • Xử lý nước
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