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Wire Sensor (For debris flow detection)

Wire Sensor (For debris flow detection)
Code Product : CDWS-1464-21
Category : Sabo Sensors
Producer : Takuwa
Stock : Order 
Provider : GNN
Takuwa Wire Sensor (For debris flow detection)CDWS-1464-21
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Specification :


Wire sensor is for detecting a debris flow directly by cut of a wire which is strung in the cross section of torrent. Detected signal can be output to the warning siren device for evacuation information.



  • ・ Direct and Secure Detection of Debris Flow
  • ・ Detected Signal can be Output to Warning Device for Evacuation of Downstream Residents
  • ・ Simple Structure and High Durability
  • ・ Easy Installation and Maintenance


Available sites

  • ・Debris flow detection at torrent
  • ・Landslide detection


Main Specifications


Equipment Configuration
Wire, Control unit
Max 5ch of wire
Output signals
Contact signal
 -Detection: 5point
 -Parity: 1 point
 -Start: 1 point
 -Line voltage reduction: 1 point
-Input signal check
-Output signal check
-Prevention of Chattering
Power supply
DC12V (10.5~16.0V)
Dimension(Control unit)
Weight(Control unit)
Approx. 2.5kg

Fields of application :
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