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Tyco Environmental Systems (TES).

Tyco Environmental Systems (TES).

  --  4/26/2010
Country : Italia
A Clean Future ... Integrated, Innovative Environmental Solutions Tyco Environmental Systems (TES), renowned brands that provide trusted solutions.

Tyco Environmental Systems

Tyco Environmental Systems (TES) is a division of Tyco Flow Control Pacific. TES is a manufacturer and supplier of a suite of products and services totally focused on the provision of solutions to industry and, as importantly, the environment.

Whether air, gas or water, TES has the solutions and the ability to monitor, record, display, decipher and deliver data meaningfully and in the manner most appropriate to the client.

At TES we work closely with our clients to tailer the best solution and not just offer a product. From industrial components and instruments to complete "turn-key" solutions, TES is positioned to meet all needs.

TES is able to leverage its combined expertise, resources, product ranges and economies of scale to offer innovative and affordable solutions for a diverse range of applications in today's environmentally conscious climate.

TES products are grouped in categories which are highlighted over the following site. For further information please feel free to browse the site or contact us directly.

Tyco Environmental Systems (TES) - Products

Tyco Environmental Systems (TES) distribute a range of products for air, gas and water applications to meet our customers exacting standards, please make your selection from the following links.


Gas & Particulate


Industrial & Pneumatics: 

- Industrial & Pneumatics 1,817 KB

- General Industrial Solenoid Valves 437 KB
         + Moulded Plastic Valves 70 KB
         + Solenoid Coil Options 222 KB
         + Special Purpose Valves and Timers 78 KB
- Air Preparation Systems 77 KB
- Pneumatic Controls 322 KB
        + Solenoid Pilot and Air Piloted Valves 443 KB
                ++ Namur Mounted Valve (USA) 705 KB
                ++ Namur Mounted Valve (Global) 717 KB
        + Mechanical and Pneumatic Control Valves 185 KB
        + Push-in Fittings for Metric Tubing 113 KB
- PMC Series ISO Cylinders 5,683 KB

Emission Monitoring & Gas Analysis

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems:

- UltraCEM - Outdoor Field Mount 365 KB
- UltraCEM - Indoor Panel/Wall Mounted 360 KB
- UltraCEM - Dilution Type Technology 369 KB

Particulate Monitoring:

- EMP7 Particulate Emission Monitor 228 KB
- EMS6 Particulate Emission Monitor 153 KB
- EMP6 Particulate Emission Monitor 101 KB
- BBD6 Broken Bag Detector 168 KB
- P2-45210 Attention Document 120 KB


- BBD6 Installation and Operations Manual

- EMP6 Installation and Operations Manual
Data Acquisition and Control:
-Connect Network System 166 KB
- Connect V5 Data Acquisition System 233 KB
Software Downloads:
    • Connect v2 Network System 1354 KB
    • EMP6 Controller Set Up 4.94MB
    • SIRA Certification
Combined Instrument Systems
- Emflux I300 Flowmeter Transmitter 522 KB
- Emflux 2020 Electromagnetic Flow Detector 401 KB
- Emflux 2060 Electromagnetic Flow Detector 305 KB
- Emflux "Irriflow" - Irrigation flowmeter 200 KB
- Emflux - M300 flowmeter transmitter 396 KB


User Manuals

- Irriflow Electromagnetic Flowmetering System - Operation & Configuration Manual

- Auto Zero M300 Electromagnetic Flowmetering System - M300 Operating and Installation Manual

Goyen Dust Filter Cleaning Systems

- Cleaning Systems Components 993 KB
- Baghouse Evaluation System 1,506 KB
- GOCO Nozzle PLC 462 KB
- GOCO Nozzle Screw In 430 KB
- GOCO Nozzle Aluminium 534 KB
- GOCO Nozzle Strapless 475 KB
- Cartridge Cleaning Cone 564 KB
-Bulkhead Connectors 511 KB
- Venturis 434 KB
- Bulkhead Seal Cup 503 KB
- Enquiry Forms
        + GOCO Cartridge Filter Applications Enquiry Form 167 KB
        + GOCO Dust-Collector Filter Cleaning Systems Sizing - Bag Filter Applications Enquiry 506 KB
        +Baghouse Evaluation System (BES) Questionnaire 129 KB

- Diaphragm Valves 1,996 KB

-3 Series Pulse Jet Valves 280 KB
- T Series Pulse Jet Valves 228 KB
- DD Series Pulse Jet Valves 149 KB
- FS Series Pulse Jet Valves 100 KB
- MM Series Pulse Jet Valves 136 KB
- Innovative Environmental Solutions for Reverse Jet Pulse Dust Collectors 1,153 KB
- Header Tank Solutions 977 KB
- Pilot Valves and Enclosures 614 KB
- Q Series Solenoid 523 KB
- RCA3D Remote Pilot 558 KB
- 3DS Pilot Valve 488 KB
-NEMA4/Raintight/ATEX II 3DG Diecast Pilot Enclosures 785 KB
- Pilot valves and Enclosures - for Hazardous Locations 755 KB
- Precision - Total Dust Collector Control System 2,459 KB
- Precision - Filter Cleaning Controls 2,430 KB
- Precision - User Guide 1356KB

Series Pulse Controllers:

  +10 Series Pulse Controller - Operating Guide 318 KB
+ 10 Series Pulse Controller - Technical Details 206 KB
+ 20 Series Pulse Controller - Operating Guide 420 KB
+ 20 Series Pulse Controller - Technical Details 143 KB
+100 Series Pulse Controller - Operating Guide 434 KB
+ 100 Series Pulse Controller - Technical Details 163 KB
+ 200 Series Pulse Controller - Operating Guide 689 KB
+ 200 Series Pulse Controller - Technical Details 71 KB

Case Studies:

+ Bisalloy Steels 262 KB +Cartridge Cleaning Nozzles 63 KB

+ China Steel Corporation 484 KB

+GOCO Cleaning System Rheem 208 KB

+ GOCO Dust Collector Cleaning System 332 KB

+ GOCO - Worsley Alumina 2,964 KB

ATEX Approvals:

RCA3-6V FP/DP Solenoid Enclosures

+ 2G FLP Solenoid Enclosures 02 ATEX 1408

+RCA3-6FD Solenoid Enclosures ATEX variation 1

+ RCA3-6FD Solenoid Enclosures ATEX variation 2

+Declaration of Conformance RCA3-6FD Solenoid Enclosures ATEX 2G & 2D Rating

+2D RCA Pilot Solenoid Enclosures 03 ATEX 9185x

+ 3GD RCA Pilot Solenoid Enclosures 03 ATEX 4173x

+2D DIP Solenoid Enclosures 02 ATEX 1409

+Sira 03 ATEX 9557x


+3" valve comparison test report

Technical Drawings: Diaphragm valves 

  • Mill20DD 3 Series Pulse Jet Valves 38 KB pdf
  • 3 Series Pulse Jet Valves209 KB Zip (dxf)
  • Mill25DD 3 Series Pulse Jet Valves 34 KB pdf
  • Mill25DD 3 Series Pulse Jet Valves 163 KB Zip (dxf)
  • Mill25DD 3-13 Series Pulse Jet Valves 34 KB pdf
  • Mill25DD 3-13 Series Pulse Jet Valves204 KB Zip (dxf)
  • Mill20FS 3 Series Pulse Jet Valves 34 KB pdf
  • Mill20FS 3 Series Pulse Jet Valves171 KB Zip (dxf)
  • Mill25FS 3 Series Pulse Jet Valves34 KB pdf
  • Mill25FS 3 Series Pulse Jet Valves161 KB Zip (dxf)
  • Mill20T 3 Series Pulse Jet Valves 31 KB pdf
  • Mill20T 3 Series Pulse Jet Valves146 KB Zip (dxf)
  • Mill25T 3 Series Pulse Jet Valves 28 KB pdf
  • Mill25T 3 Series Pulse Jet Valves135 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 20FS Series Pulse Jet Valves 41 KB (pdf)
  • 20FS Series Pulse Jet Valves190 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 25FS Series Pulse Jet Valves 41 KB (pdf)
  • 25FS Series Pulse Jet Valves154 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 45FS Series Pulse Jet Valves 47 KB (pdf)
  • 45FS Series Pulse Jet Valves 166 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 25MM Series Pulse Jet Valves40 KB pdf
  • 25MM Series Pulse Jet Valves145 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 40MM Series Pulse Jet Valves46 KB pdf
  • 40MM Series Pulse Jet Valves171 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 76MM Series Pulse Jet Valves 50 KB pdf
  • 76MM Series Pulse Jet Valves188 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 20T Series Pulse Jet Valves 42 KB (pdf)
  • 20T Series Pulse Jet Valves 165 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 25T Series Pulse Jet Valves 38 KB (pdf)
  • 25T Series Pulse Jet Valves 142 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 35T Series Pulse Jet Valves 40 KB (pdf)
  • 35T Series Pulse Jet Valves 152 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 45T Series Pulse Jet Valves 45 KB (pdf)
  • 45T Series Pulse Jet Valves 201 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 50T Series Pulse Jet Valves 47 KB (pdf)
  • 50T Series Pulse Jet Valves 225 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 62T Series Pulse Jet Valves 47 KB (pdf)
  • 62T Series Pulse Jet Valves 225 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 76T Series Pulse Jet Valves 48 KB (pdf)
  • 76T Series Pulse Jet Valves 179 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 20DD Series Pulse Jet Valves 45 KB (pdf)
  • 20DD Series Pulse Jet Valves 167 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 25DD Series Pulse Jet Valves 46 KB (pdf)
  • 25DD Series Pulse Jet Valves 186 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 25DD 13 Series Pulse Jet Valves 46 KB (pdf)
  • 25DD 13 Series Pulse Jet Valves 186 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 45DD Series Pulse Jet Valves 50 KB (pdf)
  • 45DD Series Pulse Jet Valves 208 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 45DD 13 Series Pulse Jet Valves 50 KB (pdf)
  • 45DD 13 Series Pulse Jet Valves 208 KB Zip (dxf)
Technical Drawings: Pilot valves & Enclosures 
  • RCA3D Remote Pilot Valve 30 KB (pdf)
  • RCA3D Remote Pilot Valve 126 KB Zip (dxf)
  • RCA5D Remote Pilot Valve 29KB (pdf)
  • RCA5D Remote Pilot Valve 135 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 3-5v5 Multi Valve Enclosure 45 KB (pdf)
  • 3-5v5 Multi Valve Enclosure 195 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 3-8v8 Multi Valve Enclosure 50 KB (pdf)
  • 3-8v8 Multi Valve Enclosure 239 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 3-12v12 Multi Valve Enclosure 61 KB (pdf)
  • 3-12v12 Multi Valve Enclosure 308 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 5-6v6 Multi Valve Enclosure 47 KB (pdf)
  • 5-6v6 Multi Valve Enclosure 291 KB Zip (dxf)
  • 3-6VFPDP Hazardous Enclosure 58 KB (pdf)
  • 3-6VFPDP Hazardous Enclosure 196 KB Zip (dxf)



Headquarter Office: 153 Nguyen Van Thu, Ðakao Ward, Dist.1, HCMC.

Transaction Office: 33 Hoa Hong, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC.

Tel : (084.8) 3 517 4923 I Fax: (084.8) 3 517 4924

Email: contact@gnnvietnam.com

Website:  www.gnnvietnam.com  l   www.gnn.com.sg


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