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A-ryung coolant pump ACP-FS TYPE

A-ryung coolant pump ACP-FS TYPE
码 产品 : ACP-FS TYPE
類別 : A-RYUNG Coolant Pump (Bơm nước làm mát)
制造商 : A-ryung (korea)
存货 : 订货 
供应商 : Gnn Vietnam
máy bơm A-ryung coolant pump ACP-FS TYPE
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ACP-FS series is used in machine tools needed higher lift-up than ACP-F type. It has little idle working trouble because of no mechanical seal. lt is compact design and widely used in general machine tools.

The decreasing suction friction and high efficiency is improved by setting inlet bottom


  • 100FS 120
  • 400FS 250

应用 :
  • Chế biến thực phẩm
  • Chế tạo máy
  • Công nghiệp tự động...
  • Điện, Điện công nghiệp
  • Hóa chất
  • Khoáng sản
  • Xử lý nước