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Inverters (Bundled with Gearmotors)

Inverters (Bundled with Gearmotors)
コード Product : Inverters (Bundled with Gearmotors)
カタログ : Mô tơ Giảm Tốc / Gear Motor
生産者 : Nissei Gtr
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供給者 : Gnn Vietnam
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Inverters (Bundled with Gearmotors)

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Inverters (Bundled with Gearmotors)

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Ready to use out of the box!

  • Inverters ship preconfigured for use with Nissei gearmotors.
  • Configuration with optimized constants (parameters) ensures a range of continuous rated operation from 5Hz to 60Hz (for 0.1kW to 0.4kW gearmotors; please contact Nissei for other capacities).

Range of continuous rated operation

The above graph uses a 3-phase 0.2kW motor capacity as an example.

In a word, low cost

  • When purchased as a bundle, the gearmotor and inverter are a great deal.
  • You also save time compared to buying them separately.

Full-auto torque boost in all regions

Voltage is adjusted to deliver the required torque during acceleration as well as fixed-speed operation.

Compact size

All models share a common height dimension of 128 mm.


  • Main circuit terminals are arranged in a vertical layout, allowing the device to be wired like a connector.
  • A frequency setting volume dial is standard on the control panel.
  • The cooling fan features one-touch removal for easy maintenance.
  • UL/cUL rating and CE marking certification so you can use them with peace of mind anywhere in the world.

Target motor capacities and models

  • Target motor capacities: 3-phase 0.1kW to 2.2kW
  • Target models: All GTR gearmotors with motors and brakes


  • Please contact Nissei if your application requires different motor capacities for the gearmotor and inverter.
  • For more information, please contact the Overseas Sales Section
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