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Kuebler Vietnam - Absolute encoders Sendix M3668R

Kuebler Vietnam - Absolute encoders Sendix M3668R
コード Sản phẩm : Sendix M3668R
カタログ : Ablsolute Encoder
生産者 : Kuebler
倉 : 注文 
供給者 : GNN
GNN Vietnam Chuyên cung cấp Absolute encoders Sendix M3668R - Kuebler
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パラメータの詳細 :

 The Sendix M36 with Energy Harvesting Technology is an electronic multiturn encoder in miniature format, without gear and without battery. It is characterized by robustness, reliability and cost-efficiency.

Highest robustness

  • Sturdy bearing construction in Safety-Lockplus™ design for particularly high resistance.
  • Extra large bearings.
  • Mechanically protected shaft seal
  • Protection level IP66, IP67 and IP69k in one device
  • Wide temperature range -40°C ... +85°C.
  • Without gear and without battery, thanks to the Energy Harvesting technology

Up-to-the-minute fieldbus performance

  • LSS services for configuration of the node address and baud rate.
  • Variable PDO mapping in the memory
  • Universal scaling function
  • Configuration management (bootloader)

Order code Shaft version : 8.M3668R.XX2X.2122

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