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Worm Gear Reducers NMRV-P 063

Worm Gear Reducers NMRV-P 063
コード Sản phẩm : NMRV-P 063
カタログ : Mô tơ Giảm Tốc / Gear Motor
生産者 : Motovario
倉 : 3  cái
供給者 : Gnn Vietnam
Worm Gear Reducers NMRV-P 063
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NMRV Worm Gear Reducers

Worm Gear Reducers (Series NMRV Power)

These Worm Gear Reducer is a new-generation of products developed by our factory on the basis of bringing in foreign advanced technology. We take the “square” design structure and high quality aluminum alloy to pressure cast the compact and beautiful box.

(Series NMRV Power - NMRV - NRVpower - NRV - HW/NMRV power – PC)


  • NMRV – Sizes: 025-030-040-050-130-150
  • NMRVpower – Sizes: 063-075-090-110
  • Available versions: fitted for motor coupling, with input shaft, with torque limiter
  • Power up to 15 kW
  • Max torque 1.550 Nm and admissible radial loads max 16.500 N
  • Cases up to 110 in die-cast aluminium alloy and over 130 in G200 grey cast iron
  • Aluminium units are supplied complete with synthetic oil which allows universal position mounting, with no need to modify lubricant quantity. Moreover units without plugs reduce the risk of oil oxidation and contamination
  • Worm wheel: bronze Cu Sn12 Ni2 (UNI7013-10)
  • Ground worm profile ZI (UNI4760)
  • Loading capacity in accordance with: ISO.14521, DIN.3996, BS 721, AGMA 6034, ISO 6336, DIN 3990, DIN 743, ISO 281
  • Size 030 and over are painted with RAL 5010 blue epoxy-polyester powder in according to DIN 1843
  • PC, pre-stage reduction units available for motor power up to 2,2kW and size up to 090
  • NMRV-HW - with helical unit
  • NMRV-HW - reduction ratios between 22,8 e 1.083, max torque 1.100 Nm
  • Worm gear reducers are available with different combination's: NMRV+NMRV, NMRV power+NMRV, NRV+NMRV, NRVpower+NMRV, PC+NMRV, HW/NMRV power, IHW/NMRVpower
  • Options: torque arm, output flange, output shaft kit, cover, double extension high speed shaft.