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EMX Presentation

EMX Presentation

  --  11/5/2010
Color Sensors, Luminescence Sensors, Contrast Sensors, Brightness Sensors....


Cleveland Ohio    
About Us    
• EMX was established in 1987 just a month  
before the US stock market crash.  
• Design and manufacturing are in Cleveland  
• We are ISO 9001 Certified    
• Our product design philosophy:  
high performance - easy set up -  
application driven.    
• We are a small and flexible organization  
Our Product Range    
• Color Sensors    
• Luminescence Sensors    
• Contrast Sensors    
• Opacity Sensors    
• Brightness Sensors    
• Special Sensors    
• Bluetooth Switch    
Our Proposition    
Your application will run faster, with higher  
accuracy, be easier to implement and  
maintain, all you need to do is say EMX.  
Well, actually that is not enough, you need  
to use EMX sensors. Now lets back up  
these statements with some facts.  
The Facts    
Fastest Speed - up to 40kHz switching  
Highest Accuracy - up to 99 gray scale  
levels, the highest on the market, light spot  
as small as 0.4mm    
Easy Integration - Sensor calibration, up  
to 900mm operating range, digital display  
and Microsoft driven set up software.  
Color Sensors    
• Opaque materials    
• Up to 15 discrete colors    
• Analog RGB RS232 USB    
• Windows set up software    
• Transparent materials    
• PLC,HMI communication    
0.5% resolution per RGB    
ColorMax View in Action Movie  
UV Luminescence Sensors    
• Up to 40kHz switching speed  
• Up to 99 gray scale resolution  
• Background filtering    
• Automatic PNP/NPN    
• UV light intensity control    
• Calibration    
• Remote lock    
Contrast Sensors    
• Up to 40kHz switching speed  
• Up to 50 gray scale resolution  
• Automatic PNP/NPN    
• Light intensity control    
• Remote lock    
• Analog Output    
• Digital display    
Opacity Sensors    
• Relative Opacity    
• Analog and discrete output    
• IR, visible and UV light sources  
• Remote lock    
• Digital display    
• Light intensity control    
OPAX in Action Movie    
Brightness Sensors    
• Detects brightness    
• Unique blue light    
• Up to 900mm sensing range    
• Analog output    
• Remote lock    
• Automatic PNP/NPN    
• Dry & Wet applications    
EMX Markets    
• Plastic • Glass • Personal
• Automotive • Steel care
• Packaging • Can • Wire Mfg.
• Wood • Glue • Electrical
• Textile • Pharma • and many
• Paper • Oil more
•3M   L’Oreal Gamble
  BASF   Nordson   Thyssenkrupp



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