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Implementing a Comprehensive Calibration Program

Implementing a Comprehensive Calibration Program

  --  12/27/2010
How to Boost Your Quality Program to the Next Level?...

How to Boost Your Quality Program to the Next Level?...


Are Your Gages Measuring Accurately?...

A gage that doesn't read accurately and repeatably can compromise the integrity of a quality control program, destroy confidence in measured results, and, ultimately, uncalibrated gages can even result in the production of nonconforming parts.  Gage calibration should be viewed as an investment and a foundation for a comprehensive Quality Program. 


Have You Inspected Your Gages and Assessed Your Calibration Certificates?...

As part of an effective quality control program, it's imperative that you schedule an annual inspection of your measuring instruments and review all of your calibration certificates.  By incorporating this yearly task, you can document all upcoming and future expiration dates, as well as work out an annual calibration plan that best fits your production schedule. 


How to Promote Your Program to the Next Level?...

Once you have evaluated all of your equipment and determined what needs to be set, calibrated or measured,  this is a good time to investigate all of the options available.  Most companies who have a variety of gage types strike a balance in their calibration program by keeping some of the services in-house, contracting some to an independent service and sending the rest to the gage manufacturer. This division is determined to a certain extent by cost, but more importantly by the level of instrument accuracy required and the need for specialized calibration.  We encourage you to examine what you are currently spending, evaluate various strategies and methods, and then determine the most cost effective calibration mix for your company. Gagemaker can help find your mix by incorporating In-House Calibration, Shop Floor Gage Setting and Part Measurement , and various outside services.  To keep moving forward with this project, Contact Gagemaker as soon as possible to discuss your Calibration Mix!


To Discuss and Outline a Customized Calibration Mix, Contact Gagemaker today!...Ask How You Can Move to the Next Level by Implementing an Effective Calibration Program!



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