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M30 Color Sensor Product Line

M30 Color Sensor Product Line

  --  9/17/2010
Our color product line consists of ColorMax and ColorMax View sensors.


Our color product line consists of ColorMax and ColorMax View sensors. To facilitate easy integration of the ColorMax sensors into manufacturing lines we have made these sensors in industry standard M30 housing without any internal or external switches. The ColorMax set up functions are driven by user friendly software that can run on any windows program.



 The operator has control over parameters of the sensor such as target illumination and up to 0.5% resolution on each of the RGB channels. ColorMax has up to 15 discrete, RGB analog and RS232/USB outputs that can be integrated with PLC, HMI or a PC.


ColorMax sensors are used for opaque materials and ColorMax View sensors are appropriate for translucent materials. The high resolution high speed operation characteristics make this sensor prime choice for many applications, in the plastic, automotive, wood, paper, pharmaceutical, coating, film and numerous other industries.


Check out our application video library and our video postings on YouTube to see our sensors operation.


We also manufacture opacity, contrast, UV luminescence  and other sensors, contact our engineers and let us help you with your application.



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