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Magnetic Draw Wire (MDW) Sensors - Compact and cost effective linear measurement solution

Magnetic Draw Wire (MDW) Sensors - Compact and cost effective linear measurement solution

  --  12/27/2010
MDW - Compact and cost effective linear measurement solution


MDW - Compact and cost effective linear measurement solution

·         Free from tear ’non-contact’ measurement

·         Compact design and easy mounting

·         High Resolution of up to 30.5µm

·         Linearity guaranteed for over 1 million cycles

·         CANopen/Analog/SSI


MDW Sensors – Compact and cost efficient linear measurement solution

POSITAL’s Magnetic draw wire sensor (MDW) is an adaptation to the tested and proven MCD rotary encoders, to include an integrated draw wire adapter, for absolute linear length measurement.


This MDW ensure the industry’s stringent demands for limited space installation and precise measurements are met, namely by its extremely compact size. With only one moving part – the shaft/magnet assembly – the MDW is extremely resistant to shock and vibration, while the non-contact, 360° hall effect based magnetic measurement technology is virtually immune to dust and moisture.


The whole mechanism includes a draw wire adapter encased in a plastic housing measuring just 56x46mm snugly fit to the MCD rotary encoder and a draw wire made of extremely rugged, polyamide coated stainless steel. With the absence of any couplings and mounting springs MDW can access assemblies where, the encoders cannot because of space constraints. The installation of the system is very simple as it just requires the draw wire to be attached firmly to the moving assembly.


This is useful in cases of applications with limited installation space such as in medical engineering, machine building or in applications like lifts, cranes and fork lifters where a bulky potentiometer or encoder cannot be connected to the moving part or the shaft of the machine. MDW boasts of a very resolution of up to 30.5µm and an accuracy of 0.12mm. Stress tests have shown that the linearity of the MDW remains stable even after 1 M measuring cycles.


The MDW is also highly versatile – thanks to the three different interfaces with which it is available: CANopen, SSI, and analog. The CANopen and SSI interfaces enable it to fit a variety of commonly used control systems, while the analog interface allows it to replace potentiometers and enables direct connection to microcontrollers in embedded systems.


For more information on OCD Ethernet/IP please click on the link below

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