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  --  11/8/2010
Wolf Safety - Autumn Newsletter 2010

Wolf Safety - Autumn Newsletter 2010


New Wolflite XT Handlamp
Sales exceed all expectations



The all-new ATEX approved Wolflite XT Handlamp, represents the most significant Safety Handlamp development for over 25 years, and signifies a quantum leap in battery, light and control technology.

At five times the light output from the previous Wolflite H-251A Handlamp, the Wolflite XT has Spot and Flood beams in the same unit. Its weight is reduced by 30%; battery quality is enhanced using high performance Lithium-Ion batteries, power save mode extends battery duration up to 18 hours and the quick recharge system, three times faster, enables the Lamp to be fully charged from flat in three to four hours.



New ATEX LED Headtorch from Wolf



Wolf Safety has a NEW ATEX LED Headtorch, CE marked to the ATEX Equipment Directive Zones 1 & 2 Hazardous Areas; robust, water and dust tight to IP66.

This ultra small unit delivers up to 50 lumens from a single high power LED and up to 25 hours total light duration from just one set of 3 AAA Alkaline primary cells. Ideal for close inspection and maintenance tasks with a tilt adjustment to angle the light - helmet clips included for hard hat or safety helmet use.



New ATEX LED Floodlite



The ATEX LED Floodlite: 3,300 lumens of brilliant white light, cable powered from voltages of 100 to 254V AC or 24V AC/DC, low power consumption at 58 watts, and T4 rated with low enclosure surface temperature. Also available with an ATEX socket to link the lamps together or form part of a linked system of Fluorescent Luminaires.


Wolf upgrades LEDs on Product Range

As part of the continual product improvement policy at Wolf Safety, significant improvements in light output will be achieved over the next 9 months by upgrading the range of LED based safety torches, handlamps and headtorches, using the latest technology in the rapidly developing LED market.

Improvements in light output are expected to be between 80 - 100 percent, the first products to be upgraded will be the M-60 personal inspection safety torch and the recently launched Wolflite XT safety handlamp.

ATEX Temporary
Lighting Solutions
for Planned Maintenance Projects

Wolf Safety Lamp Company will help you find the best temporary lighting solution for your Ex hazardous area working environment. We approach challenges from the customer's point of view - this means constant communication, as well as a thorough study of the application where temporary lighting is needed.




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