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Automatic Bandsaw

Automatic Bandsaw
Code Product : FMA-250
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Automatic Bandsaw FMA-250
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10" Automatic Bandsaw

Model: FMA-250 (motor 2.2 Kw/1,400 Kgs)
- Capacity 90˚ : 250mm (10")
250x300mm (10 x 12")
- Allowable loading Cap: 1,500 kgs
- Allowable loading Cap. (Roller Table): 1,000 Kg
- Min.residual work length: 50mm (2")
- Bundle Cutting cap.l00 ~200 H x 50 ~ 150mmW
- Sawblade size: 34 x l.1 x 3505mm (W x T x L)
- Sawblade speed: (50Hz) 24~90 M/min.
Sawblade speed: (60Hz) 27~90 M/min.
-Cut length: 10 to 3600mm (0.1 increaments)
- Floor space: 1980x2140x 1880mm
- Maximum no. of cuts to be preset: 1 ~ 9999
- Maximum feed length per stroke: 400mm

Entire stroke within DUAL VISE:

The material can be automaticlly clamped by feeding vise jaws and bench vise jaws. U-slot offer a 3-phase clamping job, not need hand adjustment.


- Automatically shut off when blade broken
- PLC electric control system can be memorized to offer multiple action during operation
- The 9-stage feeding stroke design is able to feed out to 3600mm length material. Each feeding stroke is 400mm
- The digital meter attached at hand wheel can get precise cut with any length by turning hand wheel until desired feeding show.
- It provides Automatic Clean-up chip tray
- Variable speed device is equipped with a high-compressed and durable spring to prevent idle running from the belt



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