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Divider Machine

Divider Machine
Code Product : SFA-2104
Category : Dividing Machine
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Provider : GNN
Divider Machine SFA-2104
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4 Human-machine operation interface
4 The operation panel can save a few sets of data, easy to set and read the save data for different type of packing
4 This machine applies for variety of products, such as PVC bottles、PET square bottles、glass bottles at any sizes. No need for further purchase of machinery equipment
4 The interior setting of P.L.C can be amended and set from the operation screen
4 Rulers have been set in this machine for easy adjustment and recording
4 Apply DC24V low voltage to avoid any electricity leakage
4 Making a Calculation for quantity can be set up and adjusted easily on the screen.
4 This machine is easy to operate and no require for professional technician
4 All moving parts of this machine equipped with nozzles for lubrications and for easy maintenance



Model SFA-2104
Power Source 220V-440V / 50HZ-60HZ
Power Capacity 1.5 KW
Air Pressurre 6.0 kg/cm2
Air Flow Consumption 50L/min
Machine Dimensions L2500mm X W1339mm X H2035mm
Machine Weight 1200kg
Dividing Method Servo motor dividing, self-setting position distance
Operation Control English/Chinese screen display system
Suitable Processing Package Can, PET, PP and Glass Bottle


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