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Helical Geared Motor Series BG

Helical Geared Motor Series BG
コード Sản phẩm : P-7100-BGM-A4-EN
カタログ : Mô tơ Giảm Tốc / Gear Motor
生産者 : Bauer Gear Motor Gmbh
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供給者 : Gnn Vietnam
The customer benefit lies in the robustness and durability of our products.
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Three phase helical geared motors for driving machines and equipment of all types. 

Bauer Gear Motor supplies modern drive solutions for all industry sectors in which material must be moved. The customer benefit lies in the robustness and durability of our products. The simple and cost effective installation, the minor service necessity and the high efficiency reduce the costs throughout the whole life of the drive. The Bauer-Service is at your disposal world-wide.

Bauer geared motors make drive solutions possible in the power range 0.03 to 75 kW.

Proximity to the customer, both geographically and psychologically, is an important pre-condition for good cooperation. Our highly qualified advisors, technicians and fitters are working for you round the world. They speak your language – even in the transmitted sense.



•  CE-Mark

•  Motors according to EN 60034

•  UL

•  CCC

•  CSA



•  ISO9001

•  ISO14001

•  OHSAS18001


•  Torque 20 Nm ... 18,500 Nm

•  Ratiostwo-stage: 2.46 - 73.13three-stage: 12.45 - 305.80

•  Versatile installation possibilities

•  Completely enclosed, sealed against dust and water spray

•  Lubrication change first after 15,000 hrs

•  Low noise gearing


•  Power 0.03 kW ... 75 kW

•  Mains 110 V ... 690 V, 50/60 Hz

•  Enclosure IP 65 (Standard), IP 66 (Optional)

•  Connection Standard with CAGE CLAMP®


•  Connecting with plug connectors

•  With integrated inverter up to 7.5 kW


•  Enclosure IP 65 (Standard)

•  Performance and application optimised brake range

•  Maintainance friendly design


•  Corrosion protectionCORO1, CORO2, CORO3