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Precision Honing Machine

Precision Honing Machine
Code Product : Precision Honing Machine Horizontal E2000
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Precision Honing Machine Horizontal E2000
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Precision Honing Machine Horizontal E2000

The Delapena E2000 Honing Machine

The Delapena E2000 has been designed using the best features of the well-proven NC controlled E3000 in a horizontal configuration, to produce a versatile machine which is both powerful and able to achieve high degrees of accuracy.

The digital NC control allows programming of all the honing parameters: spindle speed; stroke speed, length and position; stone expansion pressure, rates and position. Special features built into the control include a short stroking mode, as used for blind bores, multi stage stone expansion and the facility to hold in its memory the ?data sets? for up to 100 different component types. The data is entered into the controller from a conveniently situated panel incorporating an LCD display. All parameters can be shown on the LCD display and most may be changed during the honing cycle. Stone expansion position is shown as a bar chart display.

The control system will allow rapid stone expansion to the pre hone bore, variable pressure and expansion rates to accommodate changes in bore conditions during the honing cycle, ie. the improvement in geometric accuracy and surface finish. Bore size is achieved either through the stone expansion control, timer or optional plug sizing.

The inverter controlled rotation motor with its infinitely variable speed range, provides both the torque needed to hone large bore components and the speed required when using the smallest honing tools. A servo motor, driving a ballscrew, complements the rotation motor in providing the power to stroke the components with the accuracy of stroke position needed to achieve precise bore geometry.

The three stage fluid filtration and delivery system is mounted on wheels for easy access.

The Delapena E2000 uses the standard range of Delapena tools, stones and fixtures. Delapena also offer a non-standard tooling design and manufacturing facility to suit specific applications.

Technical Specification

Diameter Range

- 114-120.00mm

Spindle Motor
- 3 kW high torque (6 pole)

Spindle Speed
- 150-3500 rpm Infinitely variable

Stroking Motor
- 1 .5 kW servo

Stroking Length
- 2.00-300.00 mm Infinitely variable to 0.1mm increments

Stroking Speed
- 0.1-25 m/min. Infinitely variable

Short Stroking
- Fully programmable, length and frequency

Stone Feed
- Up to four stages of feed with variable increments of time

Stone Pressure
- Variable increments approximately 1000 N

- Gehring digital honing control system

Honing Fluid Filtration
- Three stage, magnet, fabric and weir capacity 75 litres

Electrical Equipment
- Conforms to IEC 204 European Standard BS2771 British Standard 24 V DC control

Electrical Supply
- 380/420 V, 3 ph, 50 Hz

- Grey White RAL 9002

- 24 V Halogen



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