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Tray Packing Machine

Tray Packing Machine
Code Product : SFA-2224-L
Category : Packing Machine
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Provider : GNN
Tray Packing Machine SFA-2224-L
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4 Semi wrapped tray carton packing operation.
4 Man-machine interface screen control.
4 Automatic error message display provides convenient shooting trouble.
4 Applicable for wrapping various products, such as tin plate can,PVC bottle, PET bottle, glass bottle and aluminum foil box.
4 Parameters can be set and modified on the screen.
4 Scale provided for machine adjustment permits recording and convenience for adjustment.
4 Indexing transmission system eliminates inaccurate packing problem.
4 Glue spraying is calculated by encoder, ensuring consistent glue spraying length on each carton and permits adjustment and memorizing at any time.
4 Fast set up for various size.
4 All movable parts are provided with grease nipples for lubrication. Hard-to-reach bearings located at the machine bottom are centrzlized lubrication at outside through oil tubes.



Model SFA-2224-L
Power Source 220V-240V / 50HZ-60HZ
Power Capacity 7 KW
Air Pressurre 5-6.0 kg/cm2
Air Flow Consumption 600L/min
Machine Dimensions L4824mm X W1750mm X H1504mm
Machine Weight 2000kg
Processing Capacity 20-30 cartons / min
Operation Control English screen display system
Packaging Material Corrugated Paper
Sticking Method Hot Glue



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