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With over 50 years of sensor experience, Balluff GmbH is a world leader and one of the most efficient manufacturers of sensor technology with company office in Neuhausen a.d.F. directly at Stuttgart.

Sophisticated technology and very modern electronics application-specific customer solutions and an individual consultation and first-class service are the prominent characteristics of our company. 2,600 employees nationally and abroad are committed to this.

For all areas of automation - relevant system-competency from one source

  • electronic and mechanical sensors
  • rotary and linear displacement transducers
  • identification systems and
  • optimised connection technology for efficient automation

Balluff stands for

  • proven technology
  • continuous innovation
  • experienced application support
  • highest quality
  • greatest reliability
  • maximum customer orientation


Industrial networking and connectivity

Sensors, systems, bus technology: extensive intelligent networking

  • Inductive couplers  
  • Fieldbus modules  
  • IO-Link  
  • Passive splitters  
  • Connectors and connection cables  


Industrial identification

For optimised production processes: the system controls itself and the data ensures the best possible workflow.

  • Industrial RFID systems  
  • Vision sensors  


Object detection

Comprehensive system expertise from a single source: for need-based solutions in all areas of automation.

  • Inductive sensors  
  • Capacitive sensors  
  • Photoelectric Sensors  
  • Magnetic cylinder sensors  
  • Ultrasonic sensors  
  • Magnetic sensors  
  • Mechanical sensors  


Linear position and distance measurement

Technological diversity for your drive control, machine monitoring, and checking processes.

  • Inductive distance sensors  
  • Micropulse transducers  
  • Magneto-inductive position sensors  
  • Inductive positioning system  
  • Magnetic linear/rotary encoder systems  
  • Photoelectric distance sensors  
  • Inclination sensors  


Fluid sensors

The best solutions in the field of pressure and fill level sensors to provide support for your processes.

  • Pressure sensors  



Optimum periphery for the sensor: reliable products for timesaving, low-cost integration into your automation

  • Mechanical accessories  
  • Electrical accessories  


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