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Lenze SE is a holding based in Aerzen Germany. Our operational units are designed as flexible medium-sized businesses, making decision-making processes short, structures as easy as possible and ensuring that our solutions are always focused on the customer.


No matter whether you are based in Germany, Europe or anywhere else, you'll find us where you need us. We specialise in drive and automation technology and develop, produce and sell innovative products, extensive solutions and complete systems in more than sixty countries around the globe.


We are of course also happy to offer you our know-how and services. We employ more than 3,000 committed members of staff around the globe who work on new challenges and creative concepts for you every day.

Over 60 years of motion & simplicity

Since the company was founded in 1947, our approaches to productivity, reliability and simplicity have shaped the way every single member of staff thinks and acts. These values form the basis of our commercial success and the trust that customers, employees and the owning family place in us. Not only does this drive us, it is also the basis upon which we are continually developing the best ideas.

Discover the history of the Lenze family business.

1947-1949: The early years

  • 1947: Hans Lenze takes over the trading company Stahlkontor GmbH Weser in Hameln. This company is the origin of today's Lenze group.
  • 1948: The composition of a multi-layered product program in the field of mechanical drive technology begins. At first, the products are manufactures by license, but soon, own developments shall follow.
  • 1949: The setup of a marketing network begins.

1950-1959: New products

  • 1951: Simplabelt gearboxes are added to the product program.
  • 1952: First appearance on the "German Industrial Exhibition (Deutschen Industrie-Messe)" in Hannover.
  • 1953: Hans Lenze receives the Federal Cross of Merit for his corporate activities.
  • 1957: Founding of the Machine manufactory Hans Lenze KG. 
  • 1958: Commissioning of the new geared motor manufactory in Bösingfeld.

1960-1969: A real upsurge in growth

  • 1962: A clear expansion in production takes place. Nearby Hameln (Groß Berkel), a new plant is built - there, where today's headquarters is located.
  • 1963: On June 14. Hans Lenze dies at the age of 73. His son in law Alfred Belling becomes his successor. He takes over the management of the company as a personally liable associate.
  • 1967: With 850 employees, the Lenze group achieves an annual turnover of approximately 20 Million Euro.
  • 1968: The development and production of electronical DC speed controller begins.
  • 1969: The marketing network expands on a global level.

1970-1979: The electronics era

  • 1972: Through a joint venture, Lenze gains access to semi conductor manufacturers in Japan and South East Asia.
  • 1973: The development of electronics is comprised at the Hameln (Groß Berkel) location. An automation in the production begins.
  • 1977: The first frequency inverter for the control of three-phase AC motors is introduced to the market.
  • 1979: Alfred Belling receives the Federal Cross of Merit for his corporate activities.

1980-1989: The introduction of microprocessors

  • 1983: The development of hybrid circuits for frequency inverters begins.
  • 1984: The name Lenze becomes a brand name. The development of servo technology begins.
  • 1987: For the first time, frequency inverters are equipped with microprocessors.

 1990-1999: Intelligent drives

  • 1993: Introduction of a certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
  • 1994: Founding of the Lenze Holding GmbH & Co KG. In their first financial year, the corporation achieves a turnover of 209 Million Euro.
  • 1996: A Lenze innovation becomes a trend: the drive systems become intelligent. The drive-based automation begins its course of victory. Commissioning of the electronics manufacturing in the new plant in Groß Berkel.
  • 1999: The drive technology company AC Technology Corporation (Uxbridge, USA) becomes part of the Lenze group.

 2000-2005: L-force - modularity and usability

  • 2000: Founding of the Lenze software house encoway in Bremen.
  • 2001: Founding of the Lenze AG, consisting of the Lenze Holding GmbH & Co KG. The turnover in the first financial year of the AG amounts to 416 Million Euro.
  • 2004: More than 3.000 employees worldwide work now for the Lenze group. The construction of L-force as a continuous platform for drive and automation technology begins. The system has a modular structure and represents good usability.
  • 2005: Market introduction of the servo drive 9400. The L-force family continues to grow. Pursuit of the globalisation of the corporation. Lenze is there, where the customers are.

2006-2008: Integrated safety system

  • 2006: Safety technology is integrated into the drive: with the introduction of the Drive-based Safety, functional safety is integrated into the drive.
  • 2008: With the Lenze BlueGreen, Lenze supports its customers increasingly in the generation of energy efficient drive system solutions. The concept is based on three columns: the intelligent application of energy, e. g. through a precise drive dimensioning and the application of inverters, the application of products with a high degree of efficiency and the utilisation of energy recovery.
    On the Hannover exhibition, Lenze introduces the Inverter Drives 8400. With this functionally calibrated series, Lenze customers receive exactly what they need for their tasks.

2009-2011: Partner for drive and automation solutions

  • 2009: Further expansion of the automation portfolio: Market introduction of the I/O system 1000. The drive dimensioning tool Drive Solution Designer receives the energy passport addition. With this tool, energy saving potentials can already be identified in the machine planning phase and various solutions can be compared. 
    In October, the Lenze AG becomes the Lenze SE (Societas Europaea). This new legal structure offers a good basis for the advanced development of the company. 
    On the SPS/IPC/DRIVES Lenze presents its latest member of the 8400 series: the Inverter Drives 8400 protec.
  • 2010: Federal chancellor Angela Merkel visits the Lenze booth during the Hannover industrial exhibition. The chairman Dr. Erhard Tellbüscher gives her an update on Lenze's energy saving concepts. 
    An addition to the decentralised inverters: market introduction of the Inverter Drives 8400 motec. 
    In November, Lenze makes another important step towards automation and presents the new controller platform Controller 3200 C on the SPS. This new hardware platform is predestined for the efficient realisation of control and motion-control applications. 
    With the Inverter Drives 8400 TopLine, Lenze closes the gap to the servo drives. This inverter has servo qualities and is suitable for example for positioning tasks with high requirements to dynamics and precision. 
  • 2011: SPS/IPC/DRIVES: Lenze completes the controller-based automation system with the Servo-Inverter i700 for multiple applications. Being simple, compact and flexible, the i700 impresses through a broad application range in the machine automation. 
    Lenze is positioned as a supplier who makes motion engineering simple - from first idea of the mechanical engineer to the aftersales and from the control system to the drive shaft. The motto is: "Its that simple."


Product List

  •  Controls

o   Controller p500

o   Controller 3200 C

o   Controller p300

o   Controller c300

o   I/O system 1000

o   Industrial PCs Embedded Line

o   Industrial PCs command station

o   Industrial PCs, control cabinet PCs

o   Human Machine Interfaces EL100

o   Monitor panels

  •  Engineering tools

o   EASY Navigator

o   EASY Explorer

o   Drive Solution Catalogue

o   Drive Solution Designer

o   Engineer

o   PLC Designer

o   VisiWinNET

o   Easy Starter

  • Inverters

o   Inverters – decentralised

o   Inverters – control cabinet

  • Motors

o   Servo Motors

o   Three-phase AC motors

  •  Gearboxes

o   Axial gearbox

o   Right-angle gearbox

  • Accessories

o   Industrial communication

o   Remote maintenance

o   System cables

  •  Safety engineering

  • Drive components


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