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A-ryung coolant pump ACPQ-HSP

A-ryung coolant pump ACPQ-HSP
Mã Sản phẩm : ACPQ-HSP
Chuyên mục : A-RYUNG Coolant Pump (Bơm nước làm mát)
Nhà sản xuất : A-ryung
Hàng sẵn kho : Đặt hàng 
Mô tả:
Máy bơm A-ryung coolant pump ACPQ-HSP
Thông số chi tiết :

This type is multistage and used high quantity flowing of oil for the large machine with high precise and efficiency. It is proper to make working surface slick flowing down and washing the chips by cooling fluid. As the motor

As the motor is separated from pump part, the high temperature of motor does not transfer directly to pump, so oil temperature keeps constantly.

 As the impeller material is used stainless steel, the efficiency and anti-erosion is excellent.

DIVISION : High-Pressure TYPE
(Impeller : stainless_steel
TYPE : 300HSP 200
400HSP 280

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