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Filter and regulator unit LFR-1/4-D-MINI FESTO 159631

Filter and regulator unit LFR-1/4-D-MINI FESTO 159631
Chuyên mục : Van cơ / Valves
Nhà sản xuất : Đại lý Festo Vietnam
Hàng sẵn kho : Đặt hàng 
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Thông số kỹ thuật Filter and regulator unit LFR-1/4-D-MINI FESTO 159631 


FESTO 159631 LFR-1/4-D-MINI Filter and regulator unit

FESTO filter unit and regulator LFR-1/4-D-MINI 159631

with metal protective cover and pressure gauge. With manual condensate purging.


Size: Mini

Series: D

Secure the drive : Rotary button with interlock

Mounting position : vertical +/- 5o

Degree of filtration: 40 mm

Condensate purge: manual rotation

Construction : Regulator filter with pressure gauge

Maximum condensate quantity: 22 cm3

Protective cover : Metal protective cover

Pressure indication : with pressure gauge

Operating pressure : 1 ... 16 bar

Pressure regulation range : 0.5 ... 12 bar

Maximum hysteresis of pressure : 0.2 bar

Normal rated flow rate: 1,400 l/min

Fluid : -Compressed air according to ISO 8573-1:2010 [-:9:-]

-Inert gases

Indication on operating and control fluids : Lubrication operation option (required in another operating mode)

KBK corrosion resistance class: 2 - moderate corrosion risk

Storage temperature : -10 ... 60oC

Air purity class at the outlet : -Compressed air according to ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:8:4]

-Inert gases

Average temperature : -10 ... 60oC

Ambient temperature : -10 ... 60oC

Maritime classification: see certificate

Product weight: 460 g

Type of fixation : to choose:

-AssemblyWorking of the duct

-with accessories

Pneumatic connection 1 : G1/4

Pneumatic connection 2 : G1/4

Indication on material : RoHS compliant

Housing material : Zinc injected casting

Cover material : PC

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