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CPE18-M1H-5L-1/4 Festo Solenoid valve

CPE18-M1H-5L-1/4 Festo Solenoid valve
Mã Sản phẩm : CPE18-M1H-5L-1/4
Chuyên mục : Van Điện Từ / Solenoid Valves
Nhà sản xuất : Đại lý Festo Vietnam
Hàng sẵn kho : Đặt hàng 
Mô tả:
Connection M5, M7, G 1/8, G 1/4, G 3/8 Push-in connector 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm Flow 180 ... 3 200 l/min Voltage 24 V DC, 110, 230 V AC In-line valves - Electrically actuated, piloted, pneumatic spring return Manifold rail.
Thông số chi tiết :


Property Value
Valve Type In-line valve
Size 18 mm
Short type code CPE18
Design structure Piston slide
Ambient temp -5 - 50 °C
Mounting with through hole
Assembly position Any
Operating Pressure 2.5 - 10 bar
Medium temperature -5 - 50 °C
Product weight 220 g
Operating medium filtered compressed air, grade of filtration 40 µm, lubricated or unlubricated
Symbol 00991023
Valve Function 5/2-way valve, single solenoid
Valve Function 5/2 monostable
Sealing principle soft
Type of piloting Piloted
Type of reset Air spring
Pilot air supply Internal
Nominal size 8 mm
Pneumatic connection, port 3 G1/4
Electrical Connect Connection pattern type C, to EN 175 301
Electrical Connect Design C
Manual override with accessories, detenting
Manual override Pushing
Authorisation Germanischer Lloyd
Authorisation c UL us - Recognized
Switching time on 26 ms
Switching time off 20 ms
Protection class IP65
Protection class with plug socket
Protection class to IEC 60529
Corrosion resistance classification CRC 2
Duty cycle 100%
Pneumatic connection, port 4 G1/4
Pneumatic connection, port 5 G1/4
Pilot air port 12 M5
Pilot air port 14 M5
Pilot exhaust port 82 M5
Pilot exhaust port 84 M5
Materials note Conforms to RoHS
Characteristic coil data 24V DC: 1,5W
Permissible voltage fluctuation -15 % / +10 %
Valve position identification Inscription label holder
Width 18 mm
Materials information, housing Aluminium die cast
Materials information for seals NBR
Operating voltage 24V DC
Pneumatic working line G1/4
Product Type Festo Valves CPE
Exhaust-air function throttleable
Pneumatic connection Female thread G1/4
Pneumatic connection, port 1 G1/4
Pneumatic connection, port 2 G1/4
Standard nominal flow rate 1300 l/min
Type of actuation electrical
Nominal operating voltage 24 VDC
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