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Inline valves for the pneumatic system XF-Range V60-63

Inline valves for the pneumatic system XF-Range V60-63
Mã Sản phẩm : V61B511A-A213J
Chuyên mục : Van Điện Từ / Solenoid Valves
Nhà sản xuất : Đại lý Norgren Vietnam
Hàng sẵn kho : Đặt hàng 
Mô tả:
Complete product range for the standard pneumatic system - Single valves for standard applications - Manifold systems for simple assembly - Highly successful sealing system for outstanding reliability
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Thông số chi tiết :

For the variety of applications Single valves
• Different types of operation, electric and pneumatic
• Optimized valve sizes for maximum flow with adapted width
• Highly successful sealing system Manifold system
• Common pipes for pressure supply and exhaust air
• Separation into several pressure ranges is possible
• External air supply and collected pilot air exhaust as an option Special products and accessories
• Namur interface
• Push-In-Fittings direct in the valve body
• Different connectors and fittings

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